Anonymous asked: Yeah :D -streetfighteros

Yup yuppers, but once I get out of class because I’m about to go to school 😒~Nina xx

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Anonymous asked: The first part was great :) Part 2? :D -Streetfighteros

It’s coming todayyyy :) ~Nina xx

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alaynajean14 asked: Can you make a fan fic about Alayna and niall dating and harry is jealous and niall gives in and let's harry have sex with you Thanks XXX 😘


~ Styles

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Anonymous asked: So happy you made part 29 of sex slave be with Zayn! I love everything about Amy and Harry but I was having some Zayn withdrawals. So good <3

IKR !!!!!!!

~ Styles Thank you so much! And you’re welcome! - Vera x
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Anonymous asked: Tbh I truly believe Niall's a virgin cause in Ireland they're really religious and they strongly believe in 'religious' like not having sex before marriage. So Niall, being the man he is, he obeys his religion and replaces his need with masturbation.

Aha. Well he could be but idk I mean I just don’t see it. But ya never know I guess

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Anonymous asked: TBH i pretty sure Niall isn't a virgin but i have a interesting Fantasy about us losing our virginity to each other. Is That weird?

He definitely isn’t, I mean he’s a older guy, who is a famous singer in a boy band.. He has had plenty of women throw themselves at him so im sure he has haha but I totally understand you girl, I have that fantasy sometimes too -Emily

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Street Fighter; Part 1

I finally posted it!!!! Sorry for the extremely long wait but thank you for being patient! Now this part was just 2,007 words alone so that’s why I broke it into 2 parts! I was going to add more to the beginning but this OS is long enough lol. Well here ya goooooo I hope you like it :)


     I pressed my glasses higher up my nose bridge as I staggered through the white marble hallways of my school trying to shove past people to get to my locker. I got there without being seen and twisted my combination in and latching it open and grabbing my books quickly. I kept my head down fixing the strains of hair that had fallen out my ponytail, and in the hopes that he doesn’t see me.

    He as in Louis Tomlinson the boy that picks on my any chance he can get. The boy that worries about popularity than anything else, and the boy that I once liked a several years back. Well, I still like him, but neither he nor anyone for that matter would ever know. This is my little secret and I’m planning to keep it hidden along with my other huge secret.

    “Well well, look what the cat dragged in!” He snickered with his friends that were trailing right behind him. Louis had started bulling me two years back when I was presenting a project in front of the class. Lame right? But during the presentation him and his buddies were talking so I yelled at him to shut the hell up, which didn’t turn out to be the best idea. Since then I’m the laughing stalk and he messes with me all the time, if only he knew what I was capable of doing.

    “What do you want?” I sneered, trying to hold my anger back and show no weakness.

    “Whoa, feisty today, I like it.” He smirked. I slammed my locker shut, rolling my eyes in the process and began to walk away from the morons. I hate to be rude to him considering he’s my crush but he deserved it.

    I firm hand wrapped around my forearm and on instinct I turned around and punched who ever that grabbed me in the face. It was Louis; he tumbled to the floor and grabbed his nose wincing in pain.

   “What the hell was that for?!”  He shouted making more people look. A blonde hair boy rushed to him and helped pick him up. The three other boys stood there, stunned, and glancing at Louis for directions of what to do.

   “For putting your filthy hands on me!” I hissed out and grabbed my bag that fell to the floor, rushing out the double doors to my car. Not caring that Louis or anyone else was calling my name out before running off. I already have a lot going on; I don’t need him to keep adding shit to that list.


“Are you ready?” My trainer mumbled into my ear when he got to me. It was almost 11pm and I was in my uniform trying to prepare myself for anything that might happen. I can hear the crowd of people roaring getting louder and louder ,if that was possible, as the announcer announced that it was about to start. It, the fight, that I have been getting ready for months was about to start. Yes, I’m a street fighter. Yes, I’ve been doing this for a while, but no one knows. I bet you’re wondering why I don’t defend myself from the constant bullying I receive from Louis, but that’s because I have to keep my reputation good to get into a good university and get the hell out this town.

“Yeah, I’m ready as ever, not that nerves like I was at first. My trainer nodded in an understanding expression as we both walked out the medal doors and into the crowded crowd. There were a lot of people and I mean there was a lot. Some were standing on top of cars and others were on anything that they can get on and are able to see. People were shouting my name both in encouragement and others in pure hatred. They moved out my way leading the pathway into the empty street clear. There stood my opponent with a smirk on her face when she saw me and someone was talking into her ear.

“Okay remember-.”

“Don’t make the first move or hit. Watch her movement, but mostly watch her feet and hands. Find her weakness and use it against her as an advantage at her weakest moment. Cover my face when I’m getting jabbed. Yes I know we went over this a billion times.”

“Glad to hear that you actually listen to me, good luck nugget.” He patted my back and went to the side where stood the other people from my team. The girl named Cilia looked too arrogant and I bet in her mind she thinks she’s going to win, but she’s going to wait and see. The crowd got silent for a split second when I finally made it to the middle. It’s tricky because there’s on one to say go or anything for that matter. We had to go when it was best right. Cilia started to yell profanities at me to get me rowdy up, but that’s not the way. She’s stalling and wasting time. She moved to the left a bit then forward. I kept my distance ready for her to charge at me first. She seemed unclear of what to do for a second and was fidgeting here and there. He trainer yelled at her in a different language and that caused her to lunge at me. She jabbed a punch at my face with force making me stubble back and regain my balance.   With the chance I got I brought my left arm up and hooked her in the face, spit came out of her mouth as she moved from me. I watched her movements as she did so, seeing her knee was bruise causing her to slightly limp. I went forward slowly; my eyebrows knitted together, and went for a straight punch in the face. The punch was weak, but enough to get her pissed off. She lunged at me, throwing her arm around my neck; getting me in a headlock. I covered my face with my arms as she sent multiple uppercuts with her right hand to me.

I punched her in the abdominal that was enough to get her arm lose. I then grasped her arm and twisted it, sending a kick to her gut. Her mouth piece flew out to the gravel and sweat dipping off our faces. I brought the back of my hand up and swiped off the sweat that on falling down my forehead. I barley noted the mob during the course of this starting.

“What’s wrong little Miss. Sunshine? You too weak to even do damage to me? No wonder you have no one, I bet you get bullied for being such a nerd.” She sneered. Images flashed into my head of many people, including Louis, shoving me into the lockers and tell me rude ass comments. She didn’t set me off it was the consent bullying and the consent times I’ve been picked on.

I charged to her, ready to get this damn fight over with already, and kicked her pathetic knee in triggering her to yelp in pain. I crossed punched her and began to spring uppercuts. She didn’t back down though, no that would be too easy. She blocked my blows as best as she could and directed jabs to me.  

This continued for about 30 minutes until I taken my rear hand thrust upward with my body shifted to get a better. I bent my knees pushing them up quickly as I hit under her chin making her fall to the graveled street with blood rushing out her mouth. The pack went silent, seeing if she’ll get up, but she didn’t.  She stayed there with her eyes still open but not daring to get up. We waited a moment until they finally announced in the microphone that I won.

  Everyone went wild congratulating me and other’s yelling insult something I’m used to.  Still in a daze I looked onto the groups of people not thinking anything then I saw him, Louis. I went in fright mode and told everyone thank you and hurried inside the building that I came out of.

What was he doing here? Did he know that was me? How the hell does he know about this place, it’s about an hour out of town! Oh shit, okay calm down. It might not have been him… it might have been a cousin of his! Yes that could be it!

“Nugget?” Bill, my trainer, came in sight, worry written all over his face.

“Are you okay? You dashed inside as if you saw a ghost!” He teased, handing me a towel to clean my face off.

“Uh, yeah, I’m perfectly fine! Just exhausted and ready to go home, that’s all.” I stated, not meeting him eye to eye because he would know I was lying.

“Okie well gets going home! There are not much people outside anymore. Congratulations on the win, Hun. That was a good one and you proved a lot of folks wrong. Now go get some rest and I’ll see you back here Saturday morning” He kissed my forehead, even with sweat still on my face, and walked out humming. I collected my belongings and left the locker room finally ready to get home, take a shower and crash on my precious bed.


I got to my car and got inside carefully from soreness. I glanced into the rear view window, seeing that I had a busted lip and a couple bruises. Hoping it would be gone by Monday, but mostly likely won’t, I started to clean my lip with a small rag.

There was a tap at my window and I turned so quickly I’m sure I pulled something in my neck. Louis… it was Louis! His beautiful brunette hair was hidden under a black beanie with fitted black skinny jeans and an Oops! Sweater on. I froze not knowing what to do. Should I just drive off or…? I slowly pushed open my car door and got out. He viewed me up and down checking my new entire out.

“You… look different.” His angelic voice stretched out. Don’t fall under is curse, I repeat do not fall under Louis Tomlinson’s curse, my mind repeated.

“What do you want? I’m tired and want to leave. Throw any insult you want but make it quick.” I asked tiredly, preparing for any combat he might reply with. I just want to go home and go to sleep. I rubbed my eyes and took a glimpse at the gorgeous guy that is standing in front of me.

“U-uh no, why didn’t you tell me…?” He muttered. I slammed my car door.

“Why would I tell you?! You wouldn’t have treated me differently! We don’t even talk for crying out loud, and you expected me to tell you! You’re outta your mind. “He stepped back from my rage and actually looked scared for once.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. It was just that… I don’t even know how to tell you! I’ve liked you for the longest and I’ve always felt… unconfident to talk to you. I didn’t care if you were smart or how you dressed. I just didn’t know how to talk to you. So I did all this stuff to you so I could at least talk to you…” He mumbled under his breath. He stayed silent and studies me.

“I’ve liked you too. Hell I still do.” What is this coming out of my mouth? It was as if I was no longer in control of what I said. Louis stepped closer to me cupping my face in his hands. He bent down a bit and kissed me. Boy let me tell you, it was like fireworks going off everywhere. Never mind that sounds too cheesy. I winced a bit due to my slight busted lip but I kissed back only to make him push us up against my car.

~Nina xx

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Anonymous asked: Luisa and Harry drama? They've met and still in contact! They're just friends, I know her :)

What drama? Lol is she like a friend of Harry or something???

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Anonymous asked: Who's LUISA?

I don’t know either lol

~ Styles

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Anonymous asked: It's fine :) hahaha :D

Okieeee, almost postingggg :) - Nina xx

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