Anonymous said:
Do you think Kira will ever be back?

Kira? I don’t think I know a Kira on this blog.. Could you possibly be talking about the Kira on 1dsexualfustrations? If not I don’t know :)

~ Styles

BLUB!!!! Reading all today :) Anyone else have something they would like me to read?

~Styles 📖 ☕️

Reading Corbin? It sounds interesting, I’ll search it up now!!

~ Styles

Shadow is mah story. I have rewritten it and I am hoping it will become popular.. :P I hope you like it though!

I added it to my library I’m going to read it today

~ Styles

josherland said:
Did you find it? :) if not my username is josherland.

No I’ll see now :)

~ Styles

Anonymous said:
Coffee for Two by lolitsharry !!! (: i started it like a few days ago but I take a while to update /: please tell me what you think! Thanks!!(: xx

Totally! I am going to add it to my library now and your username sounds familiar.. Hmmmm lol


Styles, read Reading Corbin on wattpad! Four chapters already posted and many more to come. It’s not a fan fic but still!

josherland said:
wattpad(.)com/story/18569583-it-could-have-been-better I haven't updated in a while but I should be tomorrow if you like it :)

I’ll be reading it tonight!! I can’t find it…

~ Styles

Ldjsoskfndj dude if you will go read the story Shadow- Liam Payne by LittleDaniBabe it would mean a lot 😍

I will! Do you write it or is this someone else?!

~Styles :)

Hey! I know at least a handful of y’all use the app or website Wattpad, send me your names or at least the title of the story you write!! I want to follow some of you guys or even see if I already am. Don’t be afraid I won’t bite…well no promises but you know lol

~ Styles (•-•)/