Hii everyone, I know the blog is really inactive atm and I’m sorry for my lack of input in the form of new chapters. But like I said before, I kind of lost the urge to write on it and I’m terribly busy.

But I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m still checking everyday to see if there’s anything from you, but fact is nothing is being submitted. If you want to submit something, feel free to do so!!

I can’t tell you anything about sexslave right now because I’m still figuring it out. Sorry.

- Vera xx


~ Styles

Anonymous said:
The chapter the person was looking for is 26!

Ah thank you very much!

Anonymous said:
Is sex slave going to be updated?

We’re working on it, but I have to say that it’s the least of my worries atm. Things are hectic, I’m busy and personal stuff if just taking all my time now. Plus, I’m not sure if I want to continue the story very much longer. - Vera Xx

Anonymous said:
what chapter is it were Amy blacks out after like 5 orgasms in sex slave

Uhm, I don’t know actually. I’ll look it up for you but it could take a few days because I’m really busy, so I’m sorry! - Vera xx

Anonymous said:
there's no part 36????

I can’t seem to find it. ~Nina xx

Ow I think I lost track of count there, I can’t find it either… I think 37 needs to be 36! - Vera x
Anonymous said:
Could I have the link to the navi please?

Hellooooo lovely people, just wanted to update since it’s been awhile. I hope you all are well and are doing good! I’ve been doing fine myself if you were wondering(but ya’ll probably aren’t lol) I got my GPA from last year and it was a 3.5… Not very proud of it even though I’ve been told it’s good! Anyways same ol same ol with being busy with school, and I’m taking online classes now, because I want to graduate early. Well, that’s my little letter or speech or whatever you want to call it lol. Tell me how you are! Anything new? Just started Middle school, Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, first year in college? - Nina :)

Anonymous said:
All sex slave chapters?

All in the navigation, babe! :) ~Nina xx

Who’s liking Fireproof? I love it! - Vera

Dude, it’s so amazing! ~Nina xx