How’s everyone today?~Nina xx

Info on sex slave!

Vera, stated before she is busy, between uni and other dtuff going on so she decided that she is going to have co writers one is me and the other one I havent necessarily spoke to yet but she woukd also be a grest help on this story. So be patient and Vera will notify us all on more info. Judt hang in there

~ Styles ☆

Anonymous said:
when are u gonna update sex slave?

From what Vera has stated before, she’s going to be a bit busy from now on since she’s starting uni! If you would love to help write it, just let her know :)~ Nina xx

Hey guys, sorry for my absents from this blog. School’s starting next week so I’ve been getting stuff for it and finishing up the last bit of my projects. Not only that, I’ve been having doctor appointments. Hopefully I’ll be on once school starts up, but as of now I’ll be on this whole week. If you have any questions just ask away :) You’re all perfect and I love you guys! ~Nina xx

I hope you’re well girl! Talk to me if you need to :) - Vera xx Hope everything’s well Nina, if you need someone to talk to just message me :) ~Styles
Anonymous said:
Sorry to be a pain in the royal highness, but could I have the link to the navi please? Xxx
Anonymous said:
I'd love to help you write sex slave :)


~ Styles

Contact me! Unless you really want to stay anonymous, then we have to figure something else out :) - Vera x
I’m back!

Holiday’s over, but uni is about to start for me and my time will be even more limited then it is now,  so I figured I’m going to give you guys a choice. There are two options:

First, I’ll continue writing sex slave while I am at uni but that means that there will be bigger periods between the chapters then there are now already. I don’t like to disappoint you guys but I feel like I’ve kinda lost the drive to write this story, so I can either finish it soon, or continue with very little updates due to uni.

Second, I’ve been thinking and it seems a fun and smart idea to me to have one or two of you continuing my story. It might be weird, but if you like to write and have enough ideas and time, I’d love for you to help me out. You can write chapters without my knowledge and send them in so I can read them through before placing them on here. You’re free to write what you like as long as it fits within the story.

The last option is the only option where you can read regular updates to sex slave, the first will slow things down dramatically.

I’d really prefer the second, but that it only possible if there are people that want to write. You can message me on my private (x) or leave something in our ask if you like to do so.

-Vera xx

Anonymous said:
plz update sex slave vera!!!

I don’t know if she’s back yet, when she is she will update :)

~ Styles

Anonymous said:
Is Vera still on holiday?? Xxx

I dont know :/ - Kate 

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