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college sweethearts

Fanfic, adding more parts.  Let me know what you guys think please! This is the first thing I’ve written, hopefully people will like it!


I was done with all of my classes for the day and decided that I’d go to the library so that I could get all of my assignments organized.  There were always people in my dorm.  Normally this didn’t bother me, I wanted to branch out once I got to college and so I was happy that my roommate and I had made so many friends but today I needed a break from socializing.  So I sat myself down at one of the empty tables in the library and began to look through all of the paper that I had been given.  I was engrossed in my studies when someone walked up to the other side of the table.  Ugh I thought that maybe if I didn’t acknowledge the person they would leave me alone. 

*ahem* Damn it I thought, there are so many open tables why couldn’t they have just sat there?

I looked up to see the most handsome man in my entire life.  He had brown hair that was pulled back off of his tanned face and these piercing green eyes that I felt staring into my soul.  And his body.  Oh, his muscles were clearly visible under his T-shirt; he was defined but not excessively muscular where he would seem unapproachable.  

“Is it okay if I sit down here?” he asked me hesitantly. 

“Yeah of course go ahead,” the way it came out was way more rude than I meant but I really didn’t need the distraction but I couldn’t bring myself to tell this beautiful boy to leave. 

He sat down and I went back to my biology homework.  Every so often I would look up at him.  A couple times he caught me staring and I would blush then look down again.  Other times I would look up and he would be the one staring at me.  He never broke eye sight with me though I was always the one to look away feeling self-conscious and embarrassed.  I wanted to talk to him more and get to know him but I was so shy, having people over to my room was always easy because my roommate had helped me make friends but now I was on my own with a really cute boy and I had no clue what to say.  

“I’m Harry, what’s your name?” finally he spoke up and you could tell that he was nervous about starting a conversation too.  

“My names Julia.”

“Nice to meet you.  What are you working on today?”

“I’ve got this biology project that we were assigned like a week ago and it’s due on Monday and I really need to get it done because my roommate and I wanted to go hiking this weekend and but I won’t be able to if I don’t finish my work…” I realized I was rambling so I decided to stop talking.  “I’m sorry I talk a lot when I get nervous.”

“It’s okay, you’re cute,” Harry told you with the biggest smile on his face.  Then stuttered, “I mean when you talk, it’s cute.  I mean, I don’t know.” Harry was blushing then and I could feel your face growing red too.  For a little while longer we sat in quiet both working on our own assignments.  I finished up most of my work and figured the rest of it would be manageable in my room.  So I started to gather up my papers and just when I was about to leave I felt this wave of confidence.  I wasn’t sure where I really wanted this to go but I knew I needed to at least give it a try so that I didn’t regret it.  

“Harry, do you want to walk me back to my dorm? I mean unless you still need to finish more work then it’s okay-”

“Yes! I’ll walk you just give me one second to gather my stuff,” Harry said thankfully cutting me off so I couldn’t start rambling again.  

We walked back to my dorm and I found out he lived in the same building.  We talked about what classes we were taking and how long we thought it would be till we graduated.  We talked about sports and music and everything random thing we could think of.  When we got to my room I just stood outside talking to him.  He honestly made me laugh so much and talking to him seemed so easy.  After awhile I yawned, my exhaustion from the day finally catching up 

“Holy shit is it really 1 already?” Harry said checking his phone.  

“No way it can’t be, we left the library at what like 10?” I was honestly shocked that it was so late. I unlocked my door and went inside.  Maddy wasn’t inside so I decided to invite Harry in.  I looked at my phone and saw that she was staying in Sydney’s dorm for the night and sent her a text just so she would know that I had someone over.  This meant that I had the room all to myself for the whole night. A million different possibilities of this night’s outcomes ran through my mind. 

“Hey Julia?” Harry said and pulled me out of my daydreams.  Crap! I had zoned out and who knows what I looked like.  I probably looked like an idiot. 

I turned around to see Harry sitting down on my bed, so I grabbed two water bottles and went and sat down next to him.  I took a drink of my water and yawned again.  Harry pulled you closer to him and I snuggled up close to him.  It just felt so natural to do.  

“I really liked talking to you Jules,” Harry said while yawning himself.  He laid down on my bed and pulled me down with him.  I snuggled up next to him again and pulled the blankets up over us.  I fell asleep in Harry’s arms while he played with my hair.  

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Please if you read stories on Wattpad, at least read the first chapter of Reading Corbin. and tell me what you think by commenting on it, its a new story im writing and even though its not a 1D story i’m still very excited for it and want more readers!! Please please please! -Emily


You guys should read my new story i’m writing on Wattpad called Reading Corbin. here’s the link: 
I promise you won’t regret it! I’ll try to have daily updates!! 


You guys should read my new story i’m writing on Wattpad called Reading Corbin. here’s the link: 

I promise you won’t regret it! I’ll try to have daily updates!! 

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