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When will you update "sex slave"?

Vera, and I talked more with the next co-owner I haven’t heard back from her but hopefully soon. :)

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hey where's part 35-36 of sex slave?

Ohh I guess they’re not in the navigation, but I really don’t have time to fix that now. I promise, they’re on the blog! - Vera x


HHEEYYY guys Im starting the fanfic recommendations again and these days there are many many many new ones but a majority like I said before are Harry, and hes mainly who I read and write about. So if you have a specific person no matter who I will guide you in the world of fanfics. Every Friday

White Feather (Harry, _sophjane)

Zodiac (Harry, hardcorestyles ME i changed my name ;) )

Knee Socks (Louis, brokenlines)

Fighting Payne (Liam, fiveboyswithonedream)

Just Go With It (Niall, tattedupniall)

One Night  (Zayn, lovelessbeauty)

Sorry in advanced if I recommend a fanfic more than one. You should press this sentence and follow my wattpad account ;)

Sex Slave part 37

Amy’s POV

When the boys finally pile into the room after finishing their interviews, my body is a continuously trembling and shaking mess, laying limp on the sheets while the vibrator keeps pulling orgasms from it. I can barely keep my eyes open while Liam and Harry free me from the restraints on my ankles and wrists and take the pulsing vibrator out of my body.

I’m not coherent enough to talk or move, but my jeans are pulled back up my legs and my shoes are put back in place, fixing up my disshevelled state. Then somebody wraps his arms around my waist and puts me on another person’s back, who grabs the backs of my knees as my arms are wrapped around his neck. I drop my head on his shoulder, fully trusting the unkown boy not to drop me as he carries me out of the room. I can tell we exit the hotel because a fresh wind wips around my head, creeping under my shirt and sending shivers up my spine. It awakens my body a tad and I cling tighter onto the solid heat underneath me, inhaling deeply and faintly recognizing Harry’s cologne.

"Hold on, baby. We’re almost at the car," he says, his head turned so his mouth is closer to my ear. I sigh deeply and let the bounce of Harry’s step relax me, until it stops and I’m being jostled around again.

Eventually I’m being guided into the van in someone’s lap, but this time it’s Liam who hugs me close. He pulls me so that I’m sitting sideways, both legs on one side of his lap and my head tucked into his neck. Then, I’m out.

Louis’ POV

As soon as we’re seated Paul takes off, driving the van out of the parking lot and onto the road. My eyes flick to my left, where Amy is curled op on Liam’s lap, appearing more asleep than awake. She must be exhausted.

Zayn is seated on my right and Harry and Niall are in the row behind us, everyone silent after all the talking we had to do in the interviews. Knowing what was going on with Amy and still having to answer questions about our tour or the upcoming book release was extremely hard. It was noticeable on all our faces that we were a bit out of it and that it was obviously hard to concentrate. We barely managed to save everything from going worse by cracking a few jokes and playing the idiots we always are.

A soft snoring reaches my ears and after a quick glance to my left I find Amy fast asleep in Liam’s lap.

"Li, what do you want to do with Amy when we get there?" Harry asks from the back, leaning forward in his seat to brush her hair out of her face. Liam shrugs carefully so he doesn’t jostle her in his lap.

"We put her in one of the rooms so she can rest, while we take another room."

"Okay. So, plan B then?"

That grabs my attention, spinning around in my seat so I can look better at them while they’re discussing how this day is going to go for us.

"Yeah, I guess that’s best. After all, Zayn still needs punishment."

Did they seriously come up with more than one plan? So now plan A is off the map, it’ll be plan B?

"Is there also a plan C?" I ask carefully, not sure if I want to know the answer. I’d rather not know what they have planned for us for the remains of this weekend.

Liam’s head whips around and his gaze meets mine, a smirk creeping onto his face. “We could always come up with one, Louis. But I assure you that plan B is a good one for you, as opposed to certain other people.”

I slump back in my seat and manage not to make eye-contact with Zayn, as I’m not sure if I want to see the look on his face.

When we arrive at the hotel, Liam takes Amy into a different room to put her in bed, while Harry takes us to the largest bedroom in a hotel I’ve ever seen. And trust me, I’ve seen a lot of them. There are three double beds in one giant space, a plush carpet underneath our toes and two cozy looking sofas against the wall. Our luggage is put aside and then we’re all just standing and sitting around because nobody’s sure what to do. Luckily Harry seems to think of something, because he orders Zayn and Niall to strip entirely.

"Niall, why don’t you fuck Zayn in the shower so that he’s nice and loosened up for us when you’re done?"

Zayn goes a bit pale, but still follows Niall into the bathroom, the door closing with a click behind his naked butt. Harry flops down onto the bed on his back, long legs dangling across the foot. He exhales deeply and lets his arms fall down his sides, obviously relaxing after all the stress from this afternoon.

Without hesitation, I sit down on one of the long couches against the wall, right in between two of the beds. But before I can lay myself down to relax also, Harry’s head turns and he motions for me to join him.

"C’mere Lou. Lay down."

He pats the space next to him with his hand, before tucking it underneath his head. He watches me expectantly, so I rise to my feet and take the two steps needed to lay myself down in the space next to him.

I fix my eyes on the ceiling, not knowing what to say. Harry does the same.

When he still doesn’t say anything after a good ten minutes, I decide to speak up.

"What’s on your mind?"

At that his lips curl up in a smirk. At least he’s heard me.

"Well, I’m thinking about how I’m going to fuck you, after I’ve asked you something."

His smirk grows wider when he sees my flushed expression, rolling over so his chest is covering half of mine and his chin is resting on my sternum. “W-what?”

"Relax Louis. I need your opinion first, so focus on that, please," Harry says, "Because I’ve been thinking this over in my head and I feel like it might be the best solution."

"You mean the situation with you and Amy?"

He nods and takes a deep breath. “Yeah, exactly that. How would you feel about it if you could only have sex with her on the weekends? So she can spend the weekdays with me while we try to build a relationship - or something close to that - but in the weekends she’s yours to use and to play with. And we can absolutely continue this weekend-thing, I love it too much to give it up. What do you say?”

I observe him closely, which is not so hard considering he’s inches away from my face. He seems very serious about it and judging from the nervous look in his eyes he’s waiting for my answer.

"I uh, I don’t know. Sounds okay," I say with a nod from my head. He bites his lip and squints his eyes a little.

"Could you hold out that long?" he asks suspiciously, his hand swerving down my body from my collarbone to the front of my jeans. He gives me a squeeze, pressing down on my now-growing erection. "With only getting her services in the weekends?"

I gasp and buck my hips up in a reflex, feeling the heat pooling in my gut. Harry noses at my belly button through the cotton of my t-shirt, goosebumps arising on my skin. “Yeah.”

A low groan escapes Harry’s lips and he kneads the line of my cock through my jeans with his large palm. “God Lou, you’re so easily turned on. It’s amazing.”

The hand on my cock leaves its spot, sliding up to work on the button of my trousers so he can pull them down my legs. I lift my shirt over my head while he gets rid of my boxers as well, and at this point I don’t even care if he’s going to fuck me although I see myself more as a top, everything he wants to do sounds good to me.

He swiftly lifts his own shirt off his torso before his head lowers again, tongue flicking out to tease the skin on my hipbone. So close to my hard on, it’s maddening. Harry keeps nosing, kissing, licking and sucking around my stomach and hips for a bit, occassionally brushing my cock with his cheek or curls but not acknowledging it.

"You want to know how this is going to go?" he suddenly asks before sinking his teeth in my upper thigh. I gasp, surprised by the sudden pain.

"Oh god, yes." My hips buck involuntarily when he wraps his long fingers around my shaft, Harry’s movements slow and teasing but it’s so much after all this time of nothing.

"I’m going to fuck you until Zayn and Niall return from their shower," he says, fondling my balls with his free hand, "then Niall can suck you off while me and Liam worry about Zayn. If you manage to not come during all of this, you can fuck me till you finish, okay? Only if you didn’t get off yet."

"Yeah, yes, okay," I mutter breathlessly, and then he guides me into his warm mouth, engulfing me in his wet and warm heat. It only lasts a second though, because then he’s scrambling off the bed and rummaging in his suitcase.

"On your hands and knees, face towards the foot of the bed." He flings his own clothes off while I turn over and get in position, not having to wait long before Harry’s kneeling behind me.

Soon, he has three slick fingers in my ass, lubing me up and stretching me out. They crook deliciously against my spot and I have to bite my hand to keep from coming already.

"Feels good, huh?" Harry asks, flexing his fingers and drawing an embarrassingly loud moan from me. "Bet you didn’t know it could feel so good before all of this, right?"

Liam chooses that exact moment to come in, closing the door behind him before rounding the corner and letting his eyes take in the scene. I’m so distracted by his presence that I don’t notice Harry has positioned himself at my rim. That is, until he starts pressing in and spreading me open with his girth. I grunt deeply and my head falls down between my shoulders, completely overwhelmed by the feeling in my ass.

One of his hands settle at my hips and the other slides up my back and grabs my shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze while he bottoms out.

"Well, that’s a lovely scene to walk into. Zayn and Niall are in the shower?" Liam says, seemingly unfaced by the awkwardness that takes over me. Harry stills, letting his hands wander across my back and soothing my tensed muscles.

"Yeah," Harry says breathily. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who’s affected by this. "Jesus, fuck."

The warmth of his chest presses against my back and suddenly his mouth is very close to my ear, hot breath fanning out against the shell. He wraps both arms around my torso and starts rolling his hips in gentle motions.

From the corner of my eyes I can see Liam taking off his shoes and jacket, throwing his shirt somewhere on the floor afterwards. With two steps he’s right in front of me, running a hand through my hair before giving it a tug and tilting it up. Brown eyes meet mine, a lustful look in them that surprises me slightly.

"Are you enjoying this Louis?" he asks teasingly, scratching behind my ear with his nails like he’s petting a kitten. "Because after all, this is your first time getting fucked, am I right?"

His words send an involuntary shiver down my spine and with a groan I realize he’s right. This is actually my first time and it hadn’t even crossed my mind, not even for a second. Harry stills, a breathless oh my god leaving his lips before they press against the skin in my neck. “I didn’t know, fuck Lou. Shit, you should’ve told me.”

Harry sits back on his heels, pulling me with him so suddenly I’m seated on his lap with his cock still deep inside me. I have to admit that this position is more comfortable for me at least, although moving seems much more difficult like this. But Harry doesn’t seem to want to move, letting his hands slide across my chest while he nudges my jaw with his nose.

"As if you’d change anything about it," I say, wrapping a hand around myself because he’s pressing firmly against my prostate but not moving and it’s frustrating to say the least.

"Maybe not, but I think I’d have comforted you some more. Gave you some kisses and hugs, you know," Harry says, the sound of a smile creeping in his voice and when I meet his eyes, he’s grinning.

"I’d appreciate it more if you could get me off now," I say, experimentally lifting my hips and grinding slowly on his dick. He groans softly, rounding my waist and batting my hand away from my erection so he can grab it instead. He makes quick work of rising up on his knees, pushing me forward as well, and he starts rocking his hips in time with his strokes.

It doesn’t take long before I’m panting from the double pleasure, my thighs trembling with the effort to keep myself from coming. After all, I still want to have my way with Harry like he suggested.

"Lou…Louis let go. You can fuck me either way, c’mon," Harry pants though, and that’s enough to push me over the edge, spilling in his palm with a cry.

He strokes me through it, wiping his hand clean on a towel afterwards before he pulls himself out of me. With a kiss pressed to my temple, he whispers sweetly into my ear.

"Hope that was worth it."


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Hey just wondering if styles is continuing to recommend various fanfic a every week? Really need something new to read! 😀

I think she will soon! - Vera x

How’s everyone today?~Nina xx

Info on sex slave!

Vera, stated before she is busy, between uni and other dtuff going on so she decided that she is going to have co writers one is me and the other one I havent necessarily spoke to yet but she woukd also be a grest help on this story. So be patient and Vera will notify us all on more info. Judt hang in there

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when are u gonna update sex slave?

From what Vera has stated before, she’s going to be a bit busy from now on since she’s starting uni! If you would love to help write it, just let her know :)~ Nina xx

Hey guys, sorry for my absents from this blog. School’s starting next week so I’ve been getting stuff for it and finishing up the last bit of my projects. Not only that, I’ve been having doctor appointments. Hopefully I’ll be on once school starts up, but as of now I’ll be on this whole week. If you have any questions just ask away :) You’re all perfect and I love you guys! ~Nina xx

I hope you’re well girl! Talk to me if you need to :) - Vera xx Hope everything’s well Nina, if you need someone to talk to just message me :) ~Styles