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It’s ! :) ~Nina xx

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Oops shit sorry! It has been months and months and I’m extremely sorry. I feel like a shit person right now! I don’t even know what to say! I’m not home but text me on my personal blog in about a couple of hours to remind me if that’s fine! ~ Ninaxx

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Wow, I understand you’ve been waiting for a long long time now. I hope it’s on its way though! - Vera xx

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Request: Can someone do a oneshot where one of the boys (preferably Harry, Zayn, or Louis) are your sports coach (doesn’t matter what sport) and you’re doing really shitty at practice because you have a lack of motivation so he takes you to his office and gives you some….

I was in a funk. Plain and simple. I didn’t want to do anything right now except crawl into bed and pretend I didn’t exist for the moment. But, I had responsibilities to uphold: theater, DECA, but most importantly volleyball. It was my senior year and I was captain. A lot was resting on my shoulders. Did I really want to endure that right now? No. Did I need to? Yes. I walked into the girls’ dressing room and began getting dressed.

“(Y/N), what’s up?” (Y/F/N) asked, leaning onto a locker.

“What? Nothing. Just out of it.” I replied.

“Well, better get back into it before Coach Malik yells at you.” (Y/F/N) replied, tying her shoes.

“Hope he’s not in a bad mood.” I muttered, scrunching my nose at the thought.

Luck was not on my side today. We began practice with suicides. The whistle he blew constantly began to give me a headache. By the time warm-ups ended, my forehead was covered with a sheen of sweat and my shorts were beginning to fold into my asscrack.

“Alright, this is our last game to qualify for states. We need to use all of our assets.” Coach Malik ordered, brushing a hand through his hair. He always seemed to do that when he was nervous.

“Alright, positions.” Coach Malik called out, clapping his hands in an attempt to make us hustle. I took my place in front of the net, waiting for the other half of our team to serve. When they did, it was all downhill for me. I missed multiple volleys and when it was my turn to serve, my aim was so off that I practically hit the net everytime. I couldn’t even spike the damn ball.

“(Y/N)!” Coach Malik shouted. I flinched and looked at him slowly. His jaw was clenched and he was gripping the clipboard very tightly.

“Sit out, you’re not playing in this game.” Coach Malik grunted.

“What?! Are you serious? You can’t—.” I started to say.

“I can and I will.” Coach Malik muttered, pointing to the chair. Fuck, damn it, I thought to myself. After an hour of me sitting in a folding chair resting my head in my hands, coach finally dismissed us. I sighed and headed towards the locker room along with the rest of the girls.

“Except for you, Ms. Miller.” Coach Malik said. I took a deep breath and faced Coach Malik with a smile faker than my stepmother’s new tits.

“Follow me.” He said, starting to walk to my office.

“Should I change first?” I asked, pulling the wedgie out of my butt.

“No, you’re fine.” He replied quickly. We stepped into his office and I sat in the comfortable seat while he stood in front of his desk, leaning back on it.

“(Y/N), what’s up with you today?” He asked with concern.

“My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday.” I blurted. It was true. We had been going out for a solid year. Then he just up and ended things.

“That’s no reason to be —.” Mr. Malik started to explain.

“And you know what the worst part is? The one thing I’ll miss is having sex with him. I mean, he doesn’t have a cock made by Zeus, but I loved that thing to death.” I ranted. I forgot I was in the presence of my volleyball coach and not one of my best friends. I looked up at him and noticed his hard gaze on me.

“You said his….penis….isn’t made by Zeus?” he asked. My jaw dropped.

“That is the only thing you got from my rant?” I asked.

“I want you to give me your honest opinion.” Mr. Malik said, starting to open his button up. His skin was scattered with multiple tattoos. His whole entire right arm was covered with ink. Two wings and a red painted kiss stood out as I roamed his torso. I stood up slowly and hesitantly walked over to him.

“May I?” I asked, bringing my hand up to his skin.

“Absolutely.” He replied, nodding his head. I rubbed his shoulder and trailed my hand slowly down his arm.

“Who is this?” I asked, my hand landing on a girl wearing a beanie. She was wearing a peace shirt with a jean jacket over top. Her hip bones were very prominent and the tattoo stopped at the top of her thighs.

“My ex-girlfriend.” Mr. Malik replied.

“Mr. Malik, why are you showing me this?” I asked.

“Please, call me Zayn.” He replied, his breath blowing down my neck. He reached around and rested his hand on my ass. He squeezed it before guiding me towards him. My front pressed into his hard-on and I moaned involuntary.

“Mr.—Zayn. We can’t.” I murmured, getting frightened but turned on at the same time.

“It’s legal.” Zayn said, kissing the shell of my ear. A shiver rolled through me as I turned my face to his. His brown eyes stared deep into my mine before he leaned in to kiss me. His chapped lips met mine before pulling back, biting my bottom lip and bringing it with him. He let it snap back into place before placing another hand on my bum and bringing us closer. He licked his lips before placing his lips back on mine. My hands rested on his defined pectoral muscles as he stood up. Keeping his hands on my body, he turned us around and lifted me up, placing me on his desk. He leaned me back before rolling his hips into me. I let my head roll back from his lips and I moaned loudly.

“Shh, you gotta be quiet for me, baby.” Zayn whispered in my ear before he trailed kisses from my lips to my neck.

“Well, you gotta stop doing that if you want me to.” I chuckled, my hands going into his soft black hair. I pulled him back up to my lips so he could muffle my moans.

“God, if I don’t get you out of these clothes right now, I’ll rip them off of you.” Zayn groaned, standing up to pull my spandex down. I was commando because that just helped me out better with volleyball. It was a natural thing. I didn’t think that it would be better in the long run…maybe. When Zayn saw this, he whistled.

“Damn if I had known about this.” He murmured, falling onto his knees. He carefully separated my folds with his fingers before taking a long swipe with his tongue. I covered my mouth to muffle the long awaited moan to come out of my mouth. My other hand reached down to grab a fistful of his hair. That gave an indication for him to keep going. He groaned in an animalistic manner before pulling me closer to the edge and devouring me. I yelped in surprise before clutching the edge of the desk, my nails creating crescent marks. His hands trailed up my body and reached under my sports top to grasp my breasts.

“Zayn…I-I-I can’t.” I stuttered, my core starting to quiver.

“Give it to me.” Zayn groaned. With his voice vibrating through me and his stubble tickling me, I jolted as I came, trying to be as quiet as possible.

“No, let me hear you.” Zayn muttered, not stopping.

“Oh my…” I shouted, squealing as I tried to get away.

“You aren’t going anywhere, love.” Zayn growled, standing up and pulling down his pants. He quickly sat me up, turned me around, and bent me over on the desk. He lightly slapped his cock on my ass. I sighed as he filled me up, making me arch my back.

“God, you’re so fucking tight.” Zayn groaned. He couldn’t keep his hands off of me. They would squeeze my ass, reach around to fondle my breasts, pull me back on him by my shoulders, wrap his hands into my loose ponytail and pull my head back. He couldn’t get enough. I couldn’t get enough. I tried to keep as quiet as possible, small whimpers coming out of my mouth. I had to admit, his penis was shaped by Zeus. It made me fall apart in all sorts of ways. And I could not stop coming.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come.” Zayn grunted, pulling out. He pulled up my shirt and I felt a milky liquid on my lower back. I sighed as I slowly started to stand back up.

“Here, I have some napkins in my drawer, let me wipe your back.” Zayn said, his voice sounding lazy. He walked around his desk, still naked and pulled a napkin out of his desk. He walked back around and made sure you get all of it off my back.

“So…” I mumbled, pulling on my spandex.

“So, the next time you need a cock made by Zeus, you know who to come to.” Zayn winked, pulling up his pants.

“Thank you, Zayn.” I smiled, resting my hand on his shoulder.

“Anytime, (Y/N).” Zayn smiled, kissing my cheek. He nuzzled it and caressed my cheek before bringing my lips to his once again. Our tongues lazily intertwined together before we parted.

“Get outta here.” Zayn chuckled before swatting my bum. I yelped as I walked out the door, laughing and feeling ten times better than I did when I first walked in. Zayn was nothing like my ex-boyfriend, and if he wanted to keep doing this, I would gladly let him galvanize me. 

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Threesome with Larry?w

This is my first time writing anything like this, and English is not my first language, so I’m sorry for any mistakes! Also, I’m sorry if it’s kinda long! 

Could I PLEASE remain anonymous? 

Tags: Larry, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Hotel room, game, truth or dare, threesome, eat out, rough, cheeky, sex, dirty, boy pov, kinky, anal, tease, jealous, friends, friends with benefits, drunk

|| h a r r y ||
Me, Louis and (Y/N) decided to play a little game of Truth or Dare. The other lads and (Y/B/F) went to bed earlier, so it was just the three of us and the alcohol left. We started off the game by doing a few simple warm up dares, but eventually… we started getting bolder and well… friskier.
I cleared my throat as Louis dared me to take a body shot off of (Y/N)’s breasts. After removing her shirt without putting up much of a fight, she sat on the floor between the two of us as Lou placed a shot glass brimming with sour tequila in between her breasts. Being as (Y/N) was rather busty, the little glass was nestled in her cleavage quite snuggly. She sat up on her knees so that we were the same height, and I couldn’t help but stare at the little shot glass.   
(Y/N) put the lime in her mouth and a line of salt just below her collar bone. To say I was excited was an understatement, I was busting at the seams. I hesitated for just a moment, staring down at this beautiful girl in front of me. She rose her eyebrow at me, as if taunting me to take the body shot.
I was drawn from my thoughts as I heard Louis’ voice, “Take the shot. mate… or I’ll do it for ya,” he commented bluntly, staring at (Y/N) hungrily as well.
I immediately snapped back into the moment, leaning over (Y/N) and slowly bringing my lips down to her neck, I playfully let them trail down until I was at her collar bone; without any more hesitation, I touched my tongue to her skin, sliding my tongue over the salty granules, doing a thorough job of clearing them from her body. My hands slowly grasped her hips as to steady myself and I let my fingers travel dangerously low to her backside.
Her breath hitched as I hovered over her body, meeting her piercing blue eyes for a brief moment before making my to her chest. My hands roamed her body, making their way to her beautifully toned stomach, where I gripped her tightly. I buried my face into her cleavage, nuzzling my nose against her smooth skin, I went intentionally slow as I wrapped my lips around the edge of the shot glass. The part of my lips that managed to touch her skin were scorching as I adjusted the shot glass in my mouth and tilted my head back. The harsh liquor rushed down my throat, but the burn was worth it as I continued to keep a grip on her hips, subtly caressing her skin with my thumbs.
I could feel Louis’ eyes on us, and seriously wanted to thank him for this dare. I brought my head back to an upright position as I felt her take the shot glass from my mouth and toss it carelessly to the floor. She smiled at me with the lime wedge between her teeth and I slowly brought my face closer to hers as the sour taste of the tequila polluted my tongue.
My nose traced along her jaw line before I moved to her lips. The scent of her skin made my senses tingle, mixed with the lime that was waiting at her lips.
Slowly, I brought my lips to hers, sucking on the lime as she held it in between her teeth. After teasing me for a moment, she finally released the fruit so that it was fully in my mouth, however, I was still a bit entranced by the feeling of her lips against mine.
I turned my head slightly, aiming toward Louis as I shot the lime in his direction before eagerly bringing my lips down once again to brush against hers. Her bright eyes looked at me curiously as our lips moved in sync, but they slowly slipped shut as she wound her fingers into my hair, tugging gently, pulling me down to the floor so that I was almost lying on top of her. 
I held my hand against her cheek as I explored her mouth with my demanding tongue. After a few moments, I could hear Louis clearing his throat, causing me to reluctantly remove my lips from hers and sit back with a sheepish grin on my face. 
"Hey, why’d you stop?" she pouted, I watched as her chest heaved up and down due to her quickened breathing after our kiss. 
Her eyes looked lustful as she nibbled on her bottom lip, watching me as I continued to back away. She propped herself up on her elbows, her bra strap had begun to slip off of her shoulder, but she didn’t seem to notice, or care enough to fix it. 
"Just being fair, love," I said with a cheeky smile, nodding my head at Louis, "Can’t leave Louis out to just watch all the fun," I winked. 
Her eyes darkened a shade as they met with Louis’. The alcohol that was flowing through our veins was enough to throw inhibitions to the side, at the moment, I felt like Louis and I had an agreement of sorts. We could share her… for tonight, if she’d allow it, we could both have her. Although the thought of doing such a thing would normally make me feel uncomfortable, right now, it was exactly what I wanted. 
I hopped up from the ground as I grabbed a cup and filled it with ice from the ice maker. I came back to the living room to see Louis and (Y/N) still staring at one another, as I entered the room, they dropped eye contact to look at me curiously. 
I smirked as I looked down at the ice, “Ok… you guys have to melt an ice cube, using only your mouths,” I said with a cheeky grin as I picked up a piece of ice and pressed it to (Y/N)’s lips. She slowly sat up, getting onto her hands and knees as she crawled close to Lou. 
Louis met her lips with no hesitation, and I saw (Y/N) smiling into the kiss as they traded the ice cube back and forth between their mouths. There was an occasional slurping that I heard as I watched on, longing resonating in my veins. Although I wish I was in Lou’s place at the moment… I was getting strangely turned on by just watching the two of them. Is this weird? Shouldn’t I be grossed out or something? How much did I drink tonight? This can’t be normal. As I heard Jet release a small moan, I decided I really didn’t give a shit.  This  was hot.  She  was hot… and I was ready to see what the rest of the night would bring. 
 || l o u i s ||  
As (Y/N) slowly crawled toward me, holding the ice cube between her teeth, she smirked playfully as her face drew closely to mine. I immediately captured her lips in mine and felt the cool, refreshing chill of the ice cube as her warm lips feverishly attacked my own. We were both sitting on our knees, but I decided I needed to be closer to her, so without warning she let out a little squeal as I swiftly picked her up and wrapped her legs around my waist, making her sit on my lap. 
I was on fire as I felt my hands caressing the bare skin of her back, only her bra strap interrupting the smoothness. My fingers lingered on the clasp for a moment as I waited for her to object, however, she just smiled wickedly at me. The ice cube had grown significantly smaller, but was still present, she had it in her mouth, making her cheek poke out as she turned to look at Harry, who happened to have an extremely lustful expression. 
After he realized that she was motioning toward him to come over, he quickly crawled up to us, sitting on his knees behind her. She leaned back, ice cube still in her mouth and looked at him seductively; after a few moments, Harry got the hint, bending his head down so that his lips tangled with hers. They swapped the ice cube back and forth, all the while, (Y/N) was still straddling my hips and my hands were still resting against her bra clasp.  
It didn’t even feel like we were playing a game anymore; I watched on, my mouth hanging open slightly as I stared in awe at (Y/N)’s beautifully exposed neck. She was leaning back so that she was almost kissing Harry upside-down and I felt myself getting more excited by the second. A moan slipped through her lips, immediately breaking me out of my trance; I leaned forward pressing my lips to her throat, sucking her skin in between my teeth, nibbling gently. 
I met Harry’s eye for a moment, and noticed the subtle nod he gave me, as if agreeing that this was definitely an opportunity we should take. I felt for this girl, and I could tell he did too, I’m not sure if it’s love… but I know we both want her. When it came to (Y/N), I never knew what I was going to get. She was so open to trying new things, from having sex with her in a stairwell to fingering her under a blanket in front of our friends, to a threesome. Well… that escalated quickly. I licked the top of her chest once more, tasting the remnants of the salt she’d placed along her collar bone during Harry’s dare. The taste seemed to add to my excitement for some reason and I moved my lips down her throat until my face was nuzzled in her breasts, casing her to tremble slightly in anticipation. 
This is breaking all of the rules that society has tried to instill in our minds, but maybe for tonight… we could forget about what’s wrong and what’s right. Maybe tonight we could both make her happy, and we’ll deal with reality in the morning. 
 || (Y/N) ||  
The amount of alcohol I had been consuming all night was giving me a feeling of invincibility. I know I was behaving more boldly than was typical of me, I could see it in Louis eyes as I stradled him, pushing my chest against him, and nuzzling my nose into the crook of his neck. He stiffened slightly and I looked up to give him a questioning gaze; when I tried to catch his eye, he seemed to be focusing on someone else, someone behind me. 
Like I said, the alcohol was turning my reservations to zero and throwing all of my inhibitions out the window. So when I felt the presence of someone behind me, I wasted no time in leaning backward in order to connect my lips with his. I was only in my bra, I could feel Louis’ hands gripping my hips tightly as he subtly ground his crotch against mine, the gentle sensation stealing a breath from my lungs and a moan from my lips. 
I turned slightly, my lips still attached to Harry’s, and felt a shiver as Harry or Lou, I’m not exactly sure which, ran their finger underneath my bra strap, resting their fingertips upon the clasp. There was hesitation in their movements, and by this point I realized it was Lou because Harry was using his hands to gently grip my face as his mouth passionately explored my own. 
I pulled away for a brief moment, smirking as I saw Harry’s pout and faced Louis, “It’s okay,” I whisper reassuringly. The courage running through me because of the alcohol is the reason I was letting this happen, the strange thing was, I knew it was happening, I felt slightly weird about it… but I did NOT want it to stop. No matter how much I battled within my mind, trying to convince myself to end what was happening, I couldn’t. I wanted it too much… I wanted THEM too much… both of them… and in all honesty, I’d never had a threesome before, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious. 
Any other time it felt like I was choosing one over the other, but tonight… tonight felt different. They seem to have come to a mutual understanding, and I felt slightly guilty that this might be weird for them, but I was too selfish to stop. If they weren’t going to stop, then I sure as hell wasn’t going to. 
Louis easily flicked his finger, unhooking the bra clasp and slowly slid the straps down my arms, leaving me completely exposed. Harry had taken to leaving me love bites along the back of my neck, leaving a trail of kisses down my shoulders and across my back. My eyes locked with Louis, his eyes were smoldering as they studied me; slowly drifting lower, I watched as his eyes studied my lips, then felt a warmth in my belly as I watched him stare blatantly at my breasts, licking his lips quickly, lust coming off of him in waves. 
I was still straddling him and Harry was still sucking on my neck, so Lou placed a hand on Harry’s shoulder to stop him, before standing up causing me to buckle my legs around his waist as he turned toward hallway, steadily making his room into the back bedroom. At first Harry’s eyes darkened and he looked laced with aggravation, but I reached out, grabbing his hand to pull him along behind us. My eyes never left his and I shuddered as I watched him absentmindedly suck his bottom lip in for a few seconds, nibbling it lightly before releasing it again.  
Louis laid me on the bed, as he climbed along on top of me. His hands traveled up my body, followed closely by his lips. My hand was still holding Harry’s as my back hit the mattress. I stretched my arms up over my head, feeling vulnerable to these two boys, but trusting them with my body much more readily than I was willing to trust them with my heart. 
I felt Harry grasp my other hand, holding them together as he pressed them down to the mattress. His green eyes were traveling my body and I looked up to meet Louis’ blue eyed stare when I felt him sitting on top of me, his knees on either side of my hips as he leaned down to my ear, “Do you want this… is this what you want?” he whispered in a thick voice, allowing his lips to brush my ear gently. 
My words were trapped in my throat, and all I was able to utter out was a jagged moan of approval as his hands found their way to my chest, massaging my breasts, teasing me. I looked up at both boys who were hovering over me, and watched them as they looked at one another; they seemed to be having a silent conversation and I watched on curiously as they seemed to come to a mutual agreement. In the blink of an eye, Louis’ had climbed off of me and was backing away; I was about to jump up in protest, but felt the resistance Harry was causing when he never released my arms from over my head. 
I watched as Louis walked toward the door, feeling anxious that he was leaving, though I may have been drunk, I was still very aware of what was happening. I struggled for a second under Harry’s grip, and immediately relaxed as I watched Louis close the door smoothly and felt a little thrill when I heard the popping sound the lock made as he pushed it into place. 
The atmosphere was a bit awkward at first, I mean we’re not porn stars, so we weren’t exactly sure on how to go about getting started, however things slowly began to fall into place. I was lying in the middle of the bed, half naked with Harry restraining my wrists and Louis slyly reaching his hands up my skirt. His warm fingertips crept up my thighs as he grabbed a hold of my underwear, pulling them down with ease. Harry leaned over, finally releasing my wrists as I felt him gently fondle one of my breasts as he pressed his lips to mine. 
We immediately deepened the kiss, and I placed one of my hands into his hair, tugging the curls gently as I felt Louis unbutton  my skirt and begin to slide it down my hips. I smiled into Harry’s kiss as I heard the woosh of the piece of clothing and the plop it made when it hit the ground as Louis hastily threw it over his shoulder. 
I couldn’t believe I was lying here, beneath these two beautiful men. Two guys that I had always joked about f*cking with friends, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine what was taking place right now. Seriously, what is air? I’d really like to know. 
"You’re so f*cking beautiful," Louis whispered as I felt his hands travel up my thighs once more, and I gasped when they made contact with my most sensitive area. He rubbed me gently for a few minutes, causing my to wriggle my hips against his fingers, and then I all but yelled out when I felt the hot breath of his mouth as if fanned against my center. 
Harry’s lips had left mine at this point to kiss along my neck once more, and he still gripped and massaged my breasts as he nipped and sucked at my skin. My eyes were squeezed shut as I tried to comprehend the four hands that were touching me, groping me… teasing me. I sighed breathily as Louis warm tongue flicked across me, delving and exploring my body in entirety as I continued to wriggle around in pleasure. I bit my lip in order to keep the sounds threatening to tear out of my throat under control. 
I had to find something to do with my hands, I just had to or I was going to start screaming at the waves of bliss flooding my body due to Louis’ expert tongue and Harry’s roaming hands.  
I took a second to focus on my surroundings, Louis was between my legs and Harry was kneeling on the ground over the edge of the bed, plastering wet, scorching kissing along the parts of my body he could reach. My eyes darted between the two of them in awe, how they attempted to stay out of one another’s way in order to work together to make this as comfortable for me as possible. 
I turned slightly, locking my thighs around Lou’s head so that he was pretty much my prisoner, but he didn’t seem the least bit bothered as he continued working on me down below, adjusting his position so that he was comfortable. As I turned, Harry began to stand up and I gripped his shirt tightly, trying to get him to tug it over his head. I’m not going to be the only naked one… damn boys think they can get the chick naked and then prance around fully clothed? Sorry, no. 
As Harry pulled his shirt over his head, my fingertips immediately reached for the buckle of his jeans; undoing the button and pulling the zipper town quickly, I looked up at him, hinting at him to pull his pants down, and he quickly obliged. 
Within a matter of moments, the realness of the situation grew, as Harry was now standing next to the bed, just as nude as I was, “Come here,” I demanded in a whisper as I placed my hands on either side of his hips and tugged his hesitant body toward me. 
Before he could object, I took his width into my hand, pumping it up and down for a few moments before opening my mouth and wrapping my lips around the hard shaft. Harry made a choking noise which almost made me laugh, as I began sliding my lips up and down him. He leaned over the side of the bed, resting one of his hands over my head and the other across my body so that he could steady himself as I moved him in and out of my mouth. I smiled as I heard him slipping little mumbled curses under his breath, obviously very turned on by the situation. 
Louis nestled in even more deeply between my thighs and I felt my body trembling at the sensations he was bestowing up on me. It was a sweet torture, he’d bring me to the edge by continuing one move, then as my moans grew frequent and quick, giving myself away, he’d immediately change the direction and speed of his tongue. So, although he was being a bastard, it was the most amazing foreplay I’d ever been subjected to. I continued working on Harry as I felt Louis’ hands sneak up my body, cupping my breasts tightly, leaving teasing sensations in that area as well. 
I could feel Harry’s body tensing as I continued to grip his hips tightly, and he continued thrusting into my mouth. “Ugh, I’m going to come, Jet,” Harry warned me as I felt his member begin to pulse as it struck the back of my throat repeatedly. He pulled out immediately, finishing on the sheets that were hanging over the edge of the bed, groaning enthusiastically as he took his hand and stoked my cheek softly. He got down on his knees so that he was level with me and rested his chin on the bed so that our noses were touching slightly. 
He smiled warmly at me, before tilting my chin up to meet his lips, rewarding me with a wet, needy kiss. Once his mouth released mine, I touched my finger to my bottom lip, knowing they were probably passion bruised, based on how red and swollen Harry’s looked at the moment. That had been the most intimate thing Harry and I had done thus far, and the nice thing was even though Lou was obviously there as well, it still felt very intimate with Harry. 
I felt Louis climbing up from between my legs, and I shivered as his hot breath closed around one of my breasts, and he began sucking gently; Harry took his hand to swipe a stray piece of hair away from my forehead, and I smiled at him as I stretched my arms downwards, fumbling with the buckle of Louis’ jeans, being as he was the only one who was still clothed. 
In a sexy maneuver, I watched as Louis held himself up on one hand, reached back over his head to grip the back of his tee shirt, and tugged it roughly over his head in one swift motion. His hair was sticking up and I immediately began running my hands through it, pulling gently as he stared down at me. The boys made a silent agreement to switch positions, and I was startled as I felt strong hands pick me up and spin me around. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was facing Harry. Seriously… they seemed pretty good at this threesome situation… was this something they did regularly.. or…?  
Harry was standing next to the bed holding me tightly against him as my legs wrapped around his waist. I wiggled against him; I could feel that I was really wet, and that was probably thanks to Louis. I looked over my shoulder to see Lou, kicking his pants into the corner of the room, and gulped when he tugged down his boxers, not bashful at all about the situation. 
"You two seem extremely comfortable with this," I commented as Harry bent his head forward, connecting his lips to the sensitive flesh of my neck and I leaned my head back as I moaned out a few expletory words. I felt two more hands snake around my torso, immediately groping my breasts. Harry’s hands were holding me up against him, and squeezing my bum, so I relaxed backward, falling into Louis’ arms. 
"Well, love, you only live once right? May as well get the ‘hot kinky threesome’ kicked off the bucket list," Louis quipped as he withdrew me from Harry’s arms, only to turn around and playfully toss me onto the bed. 
"Louis!" I pouted as the two of them quickly swarmed me. Not that I was complaining though. Louis positioned himself at the head of the bed, and after leaving me with a long open mouthed kiss. I smirked at Lou as he motioned for me to crawl up to him. I took it upon myself to crawl between his legs, and taking him into my hands. My lips slid from his lips, down his neck, and I even left soft kisses along his chest as I gently stroked him. 
I was positioned on my knees with my ass in the air, obviously quite an exposed position, and when I looked over my shoulder to see Harry staring at me I realized he was touching himself at the same time. I motioned for him to join us and the weight of the bed shifted as I felt him climb up behind me, as he rest his hands on my hips. He teased me a little, using his fingers to reach between my legs, preforming a gentle flicking motion. I shivered and moaned as I leaned forward to press my mouth against Louis’. His eager acceptance of my kiss distracted me as I released moans into his mouth. 
After a few more seconds of playing with me, Harry leaned over my body, kissing my shoulder, “Are you sure you want this, love?” he asked gently as he swept my hair to my opposite shoulder so that he could leave a love bite on my neck. I nodded adamantly and offered him a whimper, since my lips were still tangled up with Louis’, I wasn’t exactly capable of speech at the moment. Harry left a lingering kiss on my left shoulder blade as I felt him position himself at the my entrance. I think he could tell that I had tensed in anticipation, because he still managed to rub me gently, forcing me to relax. 
As soon as I had relaxed in his arms, he eased himself into me, the width of him immediately making me moan, “Oh God… Oh God Harry,” I mumbled as I felt his arms wrap around my body so that he was cupping my breasts. He continued to slide into me slowly until he was at the hilt, and then I shuddered as he pulled out only to trust into me once more. 
My breath was caught in my throat as I looked deeply into the blue eyes belonging to the boy who was sitting directly in front of me. I had my fingers wrapped around him, and although it was strange to think that I was being pleasured and moaning because of someone else, his eyes didn’t portray any disapproval. I kissed him roughly, getting more turned on by the second as Harry gripped my hips tightly, thrusting into me deeply before pulling out and doing it all over again. 
Harry was breathing harshly over my shoulder, still squeezing my breasts and massaging them with his fingers as I continued making out with Louis and stroking him gently. I reached behind me, interlacing my fingers with one of Harry’s that was resting on my hip, he immediately squeezed my hand back as I felt him lean over, kissing my shoulders, back and shoulder blades, all the while still keeping his thrusting at a steady pace. 
"Do you realize how fucking hot you look right now, Jet?" I heard Louis ask me curiously, his voice unusually low and husky. 
I opened my eyes, only to see him studying me intensely. I tried to keep my face expressionless, suddenly feeling self conscious, but failing as Harry delivered a hard thrust that sent me into a trembling mess as I bit my lip gently. 
I decided to talk in order to distract myself from the amazing sensations happening all over my body, “You don’t find this awkward, though?” I asked him, sounding out of breath and trying to hold back a smirk as Harry peppered more kisses against my neck.  
Before I could hear Louis’ answer, Harry grabbed a hold of my chin, turning my face to the side attacking my lips in a steamy, messy kiss. My response was immediate as I straightened up, we were both sitting up on our knees and Harry was kissing me as he held me tightly around the waist with one hand, and let the other grope my breasts before venturing down to rub me between my legs. 
My body quivered violently under his touch and I reached my hands behind both of our heads, locking them behind his neck. We were doing all of this right in front of Louis, and butterflies attacked my stomach at the exposed view he must have been getting; I peeked one eye open to look at his face, but rather than sadness or disgust, I witnessed the face of someone who looked awestruck as he stroked him self up and down, getting off to watching Harry pleasure me. 
His eyes met mine and I closed them once more as Harry’s fingers made me start shaking out of control. I moaned and squeezed my legs together around Harry’s hand as I felt like flashing lights were exploding in my brain. He could feel that I was almost there and so could I as my walls clenched around his member which was still buried deeply within my body. He delivered three additional strong thrusts and my body crumbled into a million pieces right in his arms. 
A mixture of screams and moans tore from my throat as I rode the orgasm out, my cheek was resting against his, and I could feel the sweat pouring off of him as he kept up the handiwork, kissing me deeply as he slowed his thrusting to a stop. 
I sucked in a deep breath of air as Harry released me and gently lowered me down so that I was in Louis’ arms. A smile of contentment formed along my lips and I opened my eyes to look up at Louis as he smirked down at me. 
I licked my lips as I stretched my neck to reach his mouth, “It seems like you’re the only one here who has yet to get off,” I whisper cheekily as I grip him tightly in my hand once more and deliver a soft kiss to his lips. Harry was leaning over, resting his head in my lap and I reached down to run my fingers through his hair, which is something he obviously approved of because he kept getting little goose bumps along his arms that I could easily spot. 
Even though I’d just gotten off, as I stroked Louis, squeezing him gently and making him turn to putty in my hands, I was immediately ready for another go, “Take me,” I whispered to him as Harry nuzzled his face between my breasts and proceeded to trace his fingers along my abdomen, giving me chills. 
Louis wrapped his arms around my waist, immediately flipping me over onto my back, and wasted no time before he brought my legs up so that they were resting against his shoulders. He lowered his lips to kiss mine for a few seconds, giving no warning as he slid into me in one quick motion. I groaned out loudly, begging for more as he slammed into me, holding my legs up tightly so that he could reach deep within me. His breathing was harsh and I opened my eyes to see him staring down at me, an unrecognizable emotion in his eyes. He thrust into me fast and furiously for a few continuous minutes, honestly after a while I realized I was unable to keep track of time whatsoever. I was too busy basking in this endless orgasm, sorry… no time to check my watch. 
Louis kissed the side of my head before pulling out of me just long enough so that he could position himself beneath me. Harry watched us with hunger in his eyes at the foot of the bed, and I moaned as I sat on Louis’ length, and he immediately made me scream by thrusting up into me fast and hard. I gripped his shoulders tightly as he squeezed my hips, helping me to ride him by moving in sync with me as I bounced atop of him. 
I reached my hands up, stretching my body as I swiveled my hips back and forth on top of Louis. The subtle change in motion and direction caught him off guard, causing him to moan my name loudly as he looked up at me with lustful eyes. 
I felt Harry wrap his arms around me, cupping my breasts tightly as he leaned my head back to suck my neck. He was standing on the side of the bed, nibbling my ear gently as Louis proceeded to move with in me.  
I was breathing heavily and let out a startled yelp as Harry pulled me off of Louis; he had fire in his eyes as he wrapped my legs around his waist again, and smashed his lips against my own. 
"I’ll just wait here then…" Louis said dryly as he sat up on the bed, watching on as Harry pushed me forcefully against the wall. Geeze guys, I only have one vagina… is it really that hard to share? Not that I was complaining… I kind of liked the way they kept tossing me around… sure I’m all for feminism and respect, but there was just something undeniably hot about being treated like I weighed nothing as they battled for my body and stole me away from one another. 
I wrapped my arms around Harry’s neck and moaned loudly as he easily entered my body without even using his hands to guide himself. He spent a few minutes pushing in roughly and pulling himself all the way out before doing it again. Every time he did it, it made my body shutter and my toes curl. 
He finally got a new momentum going and I watched him in fascination as his face morphed into expressions of pleasure and he bit his lip to keep himself under control. I, in fact, loved it when men were vocal in bed… as long as they weren’t trying to give me dirty talk, l loved the little noises they always made as well as the moans they so desperately tried to hide. 
Harry picked me up from the wall, turning me when I felt a new presence to the side of us. Louis stood there with an unsure look on his beautifully sex-flushed face, “(Y/N), do you want to try… you know…” he trailed off, as he motioned toward my backside. 
Harry was still relentlessly f*cking me however, so it made it a little hard to understand what Louis was talking about, “W-What?” I asked in a breathy voice, holding back a moan as Harry leaned forward to kiss my neck again. He really seemed to be in the zone. 
Louis tapped Harry’s shoulder to get his attention and whispered something to him, immediately making Harry come to a stop; his eyes widened slightly but overall he looked a bit curious. 
"What-What is it?" I asked, still out of breath, but eager for him to continue as I wriggled around on his shaft. 
"Just relax, okay Jet?" Louis asked softly, sweeping my hair over my opposite shoulder once more, kissing the opposite side of my neck that Harry was at the moment. MY eyes slipped shut as I licked my lips, enjoying the moment.
Louis pulled away from my neck to look me in the eye, “If you want me to stop, I will,” he said hesitantly as he came to stand behind me, gripping me around the waist. At first I didn’t understand what he was doing until I felt him brushing his shaft against my bottom and I immediately tensed, straightening up in Harry’s arms as I gave them an alarmed look. 
Initially, I was going to blatantly object, however, as Harry kissed my lips softly and Louis caressed my breasts gently and kissed my shoulder from behind me, I knew that if I ever wanted to experience this, then now would be the time. I trusted these two… I was safe with them. 
I let out a shaky breath as I tried to loosen up again, “O-okay…” I whispered, “but… I’ve never done that before… please be go slow,” I almost begged him, feeling a little scared about the situation. 
"It’s ok babe… we’ve got you," Harry assured softly as he stroked my cheek softly before capturing my lips in a deep kiss. 
Harry continued thrusting once more as Louis searched his bags for something and came back to stand behind me, “This might be cold,” he warned before gently stroking a cold, wet substance against my backside and slowly inserting his finger into a place I’d rather not think about. 
I’m all for sexual experimentation, but anal sex was just something I never found very appealing. I suppose it’s because I’d heard too many failed attempts regarding the taboo act from some of my friends, but regardless, it was just something that I considered a little gross and unnecessary. However, being as I was already f*cking two guys at once, I guess it’s not time to act like a prude. 
I took in a deep, shaky breath as Louis continued to loosen me up using his fingers, “Holy shit this is going to be… tight,” he mumbled almost sounding unsure of himself. 
I couldn’t help it, the comment made me laugh… and laugh… and laugh. In fact, I think I was getting a little slap happy. 
”Leave it to you you to find something hysterical enough to give yourself hiccups at a time like this,” Harry mumbled against my chin.  
I giggled for a second, as I felt Harry slowly begin to thrust within me once more. It was quite strange, when he’d stop thrusting and just hold me against him, it’s like I’d forget he was even inside me… but then every time he started up again it was just like…  holy shit . 
My backside was however, experiencing some pleasant sensations, so I just tried to focus on that, willing the damned hiccups out of my lungs. 
I watched Harry as he walked to the bed, lying down on his back, with me still sitting on his shaft. It was quite wonderfully awkward if I’m being honest… Obviously sex is amazing, but in order to attempt our current experiment, Harry’s role just consisted of… well, to put it bluntly, his role was to  fill me   while Louis tried to ease his way in…  elsewhere . Like I said… awkward… but nice. Don’t judge me. 
 I felt Louis’ gentle hands on my back as he pushed me down, giving himself access to my most intimate areas, while Harry wrapped his arms around me, holding me tightly. I tensed immediately as I felt the tip of Louis’ length pressing against my backside. Although he was going incredibly slow and had the help of lube, I still felt the uncomfortable pressure against my bottom. 
I squeezed my eyes shut and whimpered slightly as I felt him force his way into me, little by little. 
I buried my face into Harry’s chest and I felt him caressing my back, trying to comfort me, “Lou go slow… be careful.” Harry whispered as we continued to just sit there while Louis continued pressing into my body further. 
Louis’ hands were attempting to hold me completely still as he pushed further, causing my breathing to quicken. The discomfort was slowly turning to actual pain. Ugh, why did I agree to this again? Little pathetic noises left my lips as he continued pushing in a little at a time, always stopping for a moment, allowing me to adjust. 
"It hurts," I mumbled softly, trying to keep my emotions under control. 
Despite Lou’s gentleness, I could feel tears in my eyes as the pain got worse the deeper he got, “Lou she’s crying,” Harry said in a worried tone. 
"Distract her, mate," Louis replied in a strained voice. Harry immediately pressed his lips to mine, his open mouth absorbing all of the whimpers that were sneaking out of mine. 
"Shhh… shhh, baby… shhh" Harry cooed into my ear, making me smile. I’m not usually one who is into pet names, but when he said it, it sounded so sincere and… natural. 
I kissed him back hungrily as he sucked my bottom lip into his warm mouth, nibbling it gently. 
I could still feel Louis’ painful entrance as he slid deeper into me, but as Harry wrapped me in is arms with such passion, it was easy dismiss the pain. 
"Holy Fuck," Louis exclaimed loudly as he finally managed to get himself all the way into me. I was holding my breath, trying to relax myself, squeezing my eyes shut as my breath hitched. After a few seconds of no movement by anyone, the three of us sort of sat lay there in an awkward (Y/N) sandwich situation. After several seconds passed, Louis moved some of my hair of my shoulder, "Are you alright, Jet?" he asked, his voice still sounding strained. 
I nodded my head and slowly opened my eyes to see Harry’s emerald eyes staring back at me with concern. His brow was furrowed as he studied my reaction; the tension immediately left his face as he I gave him a smirk and took my hand, putting it behind me to wrap it around the side of Louis’ face, “I’m fine… how are you doing Lewis?” I asked him with a smirk, hinting toward his pained voice. 
He chuckled softly as he kissed my shoulder, “I told you… it’s f*cking tight. Pretty sure you’re not the only one in pain here,” he replied with a wink, making me laugh, and instantly relaxing me even more. 
I released a shaky breath, “Let’s do this,” I said lightly as I felt Harry prop himself up on his elbows. We took a few seconds to get the hang of it, but after a few minutes of listening to each other and adjusting our positions, we finally were able to get into a rhythm that kept us perfectly in sync with one another. 
The initial pain in my backside was long gone and the sensations that came with the double penetration were reaching heights only describable using stars, rainbows, and unicorns.  
As Lou and Harry alternated their thrusting pattern, a new thought came to my head, making me laugh. The guys looked at me with their eyebrows raised and I buried my face in Harry’s chest once again to compose myself. 
“Miss (Y/L/N), would you like to share with the rest of the class what you think is so funny?” Louis asked in a tone coated with false authority. 
I about snorted, but held it in. Keep in mind, that they are still thrusting within me at this point. Yeah… that’s just how we roll. 
I cleared my throat, “I’m sorry… I just was thinking how funny it was that right now… you are literally a pain in my ass,” I explained with a giggle, “Like I can actually say that now and it will be more than metaphorically true… ironic right? I asked, giving him a wink, as Harry laughed at my realization. 
Louis gave me a humorless chuckle as he shook his head, “Jet, just shut up, can you at least hold the jokes until we’re done here?” he teased as he playfully nipped at my shoulder. I turned my head, meeting his lips and kissing him hard on the mouth as I felt his hands kneading my breasts. I held his lips captive as he continued to pick up the pace, thrusting into me with force, yet still maintaining a gentle quality. 
I could feel the sweat dripping off of his chest and running down my back; I kept my head turned and my hand pressed against his cheek refusing to release his mouth as he continued toward his climax, by this point, I had lost track of exactly how many orgasms my body had released… I’m telling you, it was just a constant on-going thing at the moment. Louis released some moans against my lips and I felt his thrusts grow sloppy as he began to twitch within me. He immediately pulled out of me and grunted as I felt him finish onto my back. 
"Oh my… fuck," Louis whispered against my lips as I ran my fingers over his forehead, pushing his hair out of his eyes, "You’re really not afraid of anything," he mused as he placed a final kiss to the side of my head and rolled off of me to land on the bed next to Harry. 
Considering I was still straddling Harry, he immediately picked me up, making my squeak at the sudden position change. He thrust into me roughly, causing me to moan uncontrollably as he skimmed his nose along my jaw as I wrapped my arms tightly around him. His lips were scorching as they littered wet kisses all over my face; his hands gripping my bottom tightly. 
I threw my head back as he continued on at an ungodly speed, lowering me back down to the bed as I felt him hover over the top of me. Louis tilted my head back, kissing my lips sweetly as Harry continued on forcing yet another screaming spell to fall from my lips as his thrusts pushed me over the final edge, leaving me a shaking, trembling mess. 
I knew he’d finished a second time when I felt him pull out urgently and a new sticky absence spilled across my abdomen. After he came, he collapsed on top of me, his breathing was harsh against my cheek and I opened my eyes to see him studying me, “You’re  amazing ,” he said breathlessly, with a special emphasis on amazing. 
He rolled over so that he was lying on my left, while Louis was laying to my right. We lay there in a thick silence as we tried to let the gravity of the situation settle in around us. I shivered slightly, causing Louis to grab an extra sheet, wrapping it tightly around my body, “Are you okay, Jet?” he asked with concern, “You’re not hurt or anything…” he trailed off motioning downward toward my backside that was currently nestled against his thigh, since he was technically spooning me… while I spooned Harry… weird I know. 
I rolled my eyes and blushed slightly, “Um… yeah I’m fine,” I mumbled, “Actually I’m more worried about never having any feeling in my vagina again… if we’re being honest here,” I said with a laugh, causing the two of them to chuckle. No but seriously, I was numb between my legs. A crawdad could be down there pinching the shit out of my vagina right now, and I would never know. 
I stared up at the ceiling as Harry rolled over to face me, “Penny for your thoughts?” he asked me as he pulled me closer to his side. I felt a kiss on my shoulder and the jostling of the bed as Louis got up and made his way to the bathroom, leaving Harry and I to dwell on the events that just occurred together.  
"Uhm… I’m fine… I just feel rather gross. I’m seriously like covered in semen," I said dryly, looking Harry straight in the eye. I smiled as he started laughing at my statement. Shouldn’t things be awkward right now? What does everything still feel so normal with them? I didn’t have an answer, but all I knew for sure was that this had probably been the best night of my existence. 
Although I was about to fall asleep, I felt someone nudge me and help me walk into the bathroom. I opened my eyes as I stumbled in with the sheet wrapped around my body and once my eyes focused, I saw that I was standing in front of a bathtub filled with bubbles. I looked behind me to see Louis smiling kindly at me, “Harry mentioned your ‘covered in semen’ dilemma,” he said with a wink, before his face turned serious, “Plus… you did something new tonight and I don’t want you to be hurting tomorrow because of it… I just want to make you comfortable,” he said bashfully as he peeled the sheet from my skin and helped me into the tub. Is it weird that being naked in front of these two didn’t even phase me anymore? 
 || l o u i s ||  
I smiled down at (Y/N) as she rest her head back against the little pillow hanging on the edge of the tub; I was really worried that I’d hurt her tonight. She groaned loudly as she tried to adjust herself, “Oh my God… Lewis my ass hurts,” she mumbled as she draped a washcloth over her face. I couldn’t help it, I started laughing just because of the way she’d said it. 
"Jet, I’m sorry… maybe I shouldn’t have suggested that tonight… I don’t know what came over me," I began rambling as I scratched the back of my head. My hair was still wet from my shower, and I looked over my shoulder to see Harry getting into the shower stall. We nodded at one another, sure what just happened was weird, but we both knew it was amazing and wouldn’t take it back. 
"I can’t believe you took my ass virginity… I was saving myself for marriage," she joked as she gave me a pouty face. I could tell she wasn’t truly upset, and I was relieved that she was able to joke about this situation, because I’m 100% certain that if this would have happened with any other girl, things would have been painfully awkward by now. 
 || (Y/N) ||  
I settled back into the bed, not sure where Lou and Harry had gone off too, but cuddled up in a ball as I tried to keep myself warm. Since we’d dirtied the sheets and duvet, I didn’t really have anything to keep me warm at the moment. As the seconds ticked by, I realized I was too tired to care. I’m not sure how much time passed, but after a while, Louis returned, kissing my shoulder again, lowering his head back down to the pillow, and it wasn’t long before the bedroom stopped spinning and I felt myself being covered with more blankets and cuddled between two bodies. 
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GAWSH ~ Styles

Last night my whole house shook and my mom thought it was an earthquake. It turned out a house like down the street from my house exploded! Like it flew off the foundation.. Goodness that was my night how about yours?

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Anonymous asked: omG Roses and Sex was sooo amazing

Yeah I know right!! Absolutely loved every part of it! - Vera x

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Roses and Sex

Harry’s POV

Roses. That’s the first smell I woke up to when I woke up. Roses and sex. Roses and mind-blowing, sweaty, incredible sex. I looked down to see a messy, tangled hair underneath my arm. I leaned down and took in the smell of roses coming from her skin. I picked my head up from the pillow and looked down, her legs intertwined with mine, her arm around my bare waist and her head underneath my arm. I pushed her hair back behind her ear, brushing my fingers against her soft cheek, surprised that she was really underneath me last night.

That wasn’t a dream. Last night was real. This beautiful women and I had the most incredible sex and it wasn’t a fantasy. Last night was meant to make her see just how good it can be. Not just sex but also the pleasure, the feelings you get when you connect with someone. She did something to me, though. It was supposed to be about her but she opened up something in me, I couldn’t quite figure out. The second I saw her walk in with Kelly last night I knew I had to have her. She looked and seemed like she felt out of place in that party but she was absolutely breathtaking. Niall even had to snap his fingers in front of my face so I could come back to the conversation we were having with Ben and his wife. Not a minute into the conversation my attention went back to her. She bit her bottom lip, uncertainty in her eyes as she was taking in her surroundings. Ben called my name, a warning. He and I both knew if I went to her it would cause problems but I didn’t care. I wanted- no…no I needed to have her.

I got hard remembering just how amazing and free she felt when she came undone right beneath me. She adjusted herself pulling herself away, her body facing up, revealing her naked torso. I rested my hand on my head, watching her in a deep sleep. I felt myself twitch as my eyes followed her chest, her deep breathing made her bare breast slowly rise and fall. Her eyebrows creased together and she bit her bottom lip. A faint moan escaped her lips and I realized she was having a provocative dream. My eyes widened at the thought that she might be fantasizing about me followed by a pang of jealousy when I considered she might be thinking of another guy.  Not even twenty-four hours have passed and I undeniably wanted her all for myself.

I moved under the covers, grazing my lips over her stomach. I adjusted myself in front of her as I parted her thighs. She began to readjust herself again, softly moaning in her sleep. My hands stilled until she stopped adjusting herself again. Once she calmed, I ran my lips down to her knee all the way up to her, licking her only once, and then continuing on to her other leg. I felt her hips jerk as I leaned in for the second taste. Knowing she’d start moving uncontrollably I wrapped an arm around each leg and flicked my tongue over her clit. She sighed, her breathing getting heavier.

I smiled at the thought of her waking up and looking down, my head buried in between her legs just like I promised. Two fingers slid inside her then back out to my mouth. She tasted so good. I sucked on her flesh then licked until I heard a sharp, loud gasp.

“Harry!” She screamed as she rolled her hips against my lips.

I looked up to see a surprised look on her face. Her eyes were wide in shock but were quickly replaced with lust once she became aware of her surroundings. Little gasps escaped as she tried to control her breathing, leaving her beautiful plump lips slightly open, her eyes never leaving mine.  It was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen and I didn’t want her to stop looking at me like that.  Her body was so responsive to me even if she was half asleep. She sat up on her elbows watching me devour her even more as she grinded her lips against me. I licked my way up to her, hips, then her collarbone until I reached her lips, tugging on them softly. I silenced her begging as I slipped two fingers inside her, slowly pulling them out and pushing them in. She moved her hips as she wrapped her hand around my wrist, encouraging me to thrust my fingers faster but I didn’t budge.

“Oh my God,” She whispered, arching her back, “Please go faster.”

I brought my lips back on hers and started moving my fingers in a slow pace, rubbing my thumb over the small bead full of sensitivity. She let out a loud cry and begged me to go faster. I could come just with her little gasps and moans coming from her sweet mouth. I complied and started to pump my fingers in and out of her faster and deeper, feeling her tighten around my fingers. My lips swallowed her screams, her free hand trailing down until she wrapped her hand around me.

“Fuck.” I growled against her mouth, “Don’t.” I grabbed her hands and brought them over her head and started thrusting my fingers even faster they were practically vibrated inside her.

“Oh God, yes, I’m coming!” She screamed, tilting her head up. Her legs closed around my hand to stop the sweet torture but I only pushed in harder. Her eyes rolled back from the explosions going around in her body as she let out a loud cry. Her body quivered trying to contain herself, trying to calm herself down. She couldn’t hide from me. I wanted all of her undone. I didn’t want her to contain herself. Her hands came back down to my hair, sweetly running her fingers through my hair as she worked to catch her breath. Her whimpers slowed down as she rested back onto the bed, her body giving out little spasms when I flicked my tongue on her clit.

“Please stop, Harry, please.” She cried softly, bringing a finger in between her teeth, “I can’t take anymore.”

I licked her one last time before coming over her, taking her lips bringing the covers over us.

“Hi.” I whispered against her mouth. Her eyes fluttered open and looked into mine. My stomach tightened at the way she looked up at me. She had this look like she was at peace a faint smile across her lips. She whispered back, “Hi.”

“Good morning, I hope this was better than your dream.” I smirked grazing my nose against hers.

“A little bit better.” She giggled, blushing. She could go from sexy to completely adorable. This girl was just too much and I couldn’t get enough of her. “Thank you that was amazing.” The way she said it. She sounded breathless but so satisfied.

“Was that all you dreamed about?” I asked, curiously and teasingly.

She kept quiet, only biting her lip. She was teasing back. Before I could ask her again she flipped us over, her legs straddling my hips. Her breasts bounced as she leaned over me, kissing me while she ran her hands across my chest.

“I want to finish my dream.” She purred in my ear, tugging on it.

She raised her hips and slowly sunk into me. I gasped as she took inch by inch her hands fisted against my chest. My hands gripped her waist trying to slow her down. She pushed me all the way inside her so fast she gasped loudly, stilling herself.

“Oh my God.” Her voice trembled as she tried to regain her position. We stayed connected like this for a couple of minutes until she felt comfortable enough to look into my eyes. I brought my hands up to her cheeks bringing her down to my lips. My mouth covered hers instantaneously as I pushed up against her, earning a small gasp from her.

“Just roll your hips,” I brought my hands back to her hips, swaying them for her until she started doing it by herself, “Just like that, princess.”

I was rarely ever for nicknames but I felt like she needed to hear it. She needed to hear what I saw in her. Something told me the men she was involved with never made her feel special. And she was. She was so fucking special. There was something so graceful about her. The way she walked at the party. How responsive she was for me last night. She felt fragile and unbreakable at the same time. I wanted to bury myself so deep inside her and just ravage her until she begged me to stop. Then again, I wanted to hold her as softly as I did this morning.

Her hands pressed flat on the sides of my face, clutching the bed sheets. She leaned forward, her long curls falling across my chest tickling me, and started rocking her hips back and forth. I purposefully raised my hips, pushing in deeper. Her hands dropped to my chest, her beautiful mouth screaming in pleasure the second I found her sweet spot. My hands traced her legs, bringing a hand in between our joined bodies. I pressed my fingers against her clit moving them side to side until she began to pant, trying to form words.

“Fuck you’re amazing,” I encouraged her, “keep moving just like you are, sweetheart.” I whispered as she leaned into me.

“I’m so close.” She quivered, rocking into me faster bringing me closer to my own release. I tried to tell her I was close too but she brought me too close to my release. Her walls clenching around my length was the last straw before hell broke loose. My brain stopped working as I gripped her hips pushing her in deeper, making her sway faster. It was as if she brought me out of my body and my mind became so clear. My eyes concentrated on her body, convulsing above mine. I felt myself twitch ash she rode me slowly the picking up the pace meeting my gaze. She brought something more than a release. I’ve never come like this in my life, this was more than an release it was like…nirvana. That moment just watching her come undone at the same time I did was the smallest, quickest, and most beautiful moment I’ve ever experience with a woman.

“Yes, yes! Oh my God, Harry!” She screamed.

Her cries brought me back to earth. She shifted her legs against mine and started moving, slowly, torturing me. Her hips grinded against me and I couldn’t help but shudder under her, begging her to continue this newfound pleasure.

“Yes.” That was all I could say. That small whisper was a trigger because soon after she began to roll her hips quicker. I would of held on a lot longer but this was just too got not to enjoy. A rough, loud roar erupted from me so loud I could feel her and the bed shake. She gasped as she stilled her hips, moving her hand in between us as she stroked me, relieving me of the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had in my life.

We were too exhausted to move. Her body splayed on top of me, pressing her sweet mouth against my chest, shoulder, collarbone, and my lips. She kissed my upper lip and rested her head against mine.

“Thank you.” She whispered her lips barely touching mine.

“What are you talking about?” My hand running up and down her back, the other running through my hair, baffled at her praise. “That was so fucking amazing. I can barely breathe. I’ve never come like that b-“ Her lips crashed against mine, throwing me back into a trance. She shushed me and laid her head back onto my chest. I wanted to tell her how incredible she was but sleep was overtaking me. This incredible woman did something not a lot of girls could do all at once. She made me come like no other, she took control like no other, and she certainly felt like no other. She shifted under me and I instantly wrapped my arms around her bringing in her smell of roses and sex.

Incredible sex.

I sat up and adjusted my eyes to the sunlight appearing in between the blinds. I rubbed my eyes until my vision cleared and looked at my surroundings. Tangled sheets. Clothes thrown everywhere. Only my clothes. Pillows all over the floor. But she wasn’t underneath me like this morning. I eyed the clock and realized I slept for three hours. Maybe she went to the restroom, I internally thought. I untangled myself out of the bed and made my way to the bathroom. Empty. I slowly opened the blinds to keep the photographers already waiting underneath the balcony from seeing me peak out the window.  Where was she? I shook my head and eyed the counter to see my wallet was still there. I shook my head at the thought she would rob me, deciding to check downstairs. My eyes went back to my wallet, next to my sunglasses where a small piece of paper rested against them. I picked the note up and didn’t recognize the writing. Not any of the boys, not Ben’s, not even Cal’s. The writing was curvy and the only person that dotted their “i’s” with hearts was my mum but she wasn’t here. It could have only been from her. It read:


This is a shitty thing to do, leaving without saying goodbye but I knew I had to leave before anyone speculated anything. Everyone knows who you are and I wouldn’t want you to have to explain what happened. This was only a one time thing and I wouldn’t want you or your band to get scrutinized by the media because of it. This was an amazing night. Thank you. I never knew it could be like this, Harry. Thank you for last night.

With love,


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Anonymous asked: Vera, your advice worked! Yesterday the boy I like, the one that asked to kiss before remember ? Well yesterday we were together and he asked again but I kept telling him you're joking with me right and he was like no but he kept laughing then he started complimenting me and stuff and just when he was about to go he separated me from everyone and we just talked because he needed advice and then I was like comforting him and then he texted me and asked if it'll be okay if he kisses me today!!!

Congrats. We would like to hear details later ;) lol!! ~ Styles

So glad to hear it worked!! I usually suck at giving advice, enjoy girl! And don’t forget to give us updates on how it’s going :) - Vera xx
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